Hippie Holiday

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Ok, first things first: Hippie Holiday smells like peppermint and cannabis, but it’s just a scent. There is not actually any cannabis in this product. 

Next, this isn’t some skunky weed smell like your Uncle Todd’s denim jacket. This is a fresh, light herbal scent. Cannabis is a plant, after all.

We discovered this profile by accident while we were trying to make something else, and we’ve been obsessed with it for months. Peppermint and cannabis complement each other perfectly. It’s crisp and cool, and fresh and herbal all at the same time. If you’re daring enough, give Hippie Holiday a try. It’s a whole new spin on holiday scents. 

Scent profile: Peppermint, Cannabis

 Scent type: Essential and Fragrance oils

Allergy Statement: Damn Yankee Beard Company products contain oils derived from tree nuts. To request a product without tree nut ingredients or for any allergen questions, please email support@damnyankeebeard.com

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